Is Teen Revolution Youth Conference going to be a lot different than Impact Youth Conference?

Answer: There really will not be too many changes. Many of our speakers are the same, and all of the special events are the same. Although there will be a couple of new speakers and a couple of schedule changes, for the most part, Teen Revolution Youth Conference will have the same schedule, atmosphere, and spiritual emphasis as Impact.

What dress standard is the conference asking our youth departments to uphold?

Answer: The attitude of our conference has always been that there is a spirit of liberty at the conference, while maintaining an attitude of holiness. For that reason, we would ask that each youth department do their very best to make sure that young men and young ladies dress modestly. Girls are welcome to wear knee length skirts and dresses, or if they are dressing casual to wear the longer, loose fitting basketball shorts. The young men are welcome to dress in casual wear. Collared shirts and t-shirts are fine. This year the conference will provide a Teen Revolution t-shirt that the kids can wear as often as they like throughout the week.


Will there be medical services available?

Answer: We will have a medical assistant available in case of any questions or emergencies.  Please remind your teens to bring any medication that they may need.