2024 Theme


“To love and to be loved is what we are in  pursuit of. But what if the One whom we love first is the One by whom we are first loved? This intriguing question provides the framework for our 2024 Teen Revolution Youth Conference. See, as people, our inherent desire for affirmation is met when, and only when, we realize and receive the love of God as fully, finally, and freely revealed through His Son — Jesus. Whether or not we acknowledge, accept, or appreciate who Christ is and what Christ has done, it does not change the fact that He does indeed love us. This love was most radically revealed and definitively demonstrated in that while we were still sinners Christ died for us. In doing so, God did not just speak His love, He showed His love. Thankfully, Jesus’s story did not conclude on the cross, but it continued three days later as He resurrected. The substitution and sacrifice of Jesus means that we can choose to no longer be destined for the penalty, punishment, and payment of sin — death. Rather, we can receive that free gift of salvation by receiving God’s love. This victorious truth allows us to become by grace what we already are by faith. Acceptance of His acceptance is the only way to experience abundance, encounter grace, enjoy mercy, trust truth, and know love. Therefore, it is our hope that at Teen Revolution this year every student would have the catalytic conviction that they are fully known and fully loved by God. As we hear that we are heard by God, understand that we are understood by God, and know that we are known by God, we are able to love first the One who first loved us.”

Teen Revolution

is a gathering of young people that come together for rallies, conferences, and youth activities throughout the year to be inspired by the preaching of God’s Word and encouraged by the fellowship of other youth leaders and students in hope that we might make a difference for Christ in the cities where we live, the schools we attend, and the homes that we live in.

Meet Our Speakers

Eric Capaci

Conference Founder

Joshua Oglesby

Conference Host

Mo Capaci

Gospel Light Baptist Church
Conference Info

Conference Rate: $300

The full price of registration includes:

• Location Fees
• Admission to Magic Springs
• T-shirt & Lanyard
• All Sessions      
• Conference Booklet
• Camp Activities
• Lodging & Meals


Camp Paron
16330 Baptist Camp Road 
Paron, AR 72122
If you would like to register your group for Teen Revolution, you can email us at info@teenrevolution.org or call us at 501.624.5288.
Teen Revolution 2023

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